Yungster Jack & David Shawty – Pressure (Music Video)

There’s an unexplainable element to music and as crazy and off the wall as this song comes off especially when you’re just beginning to listen, that unexplainable, intrinsic feeling kicked in and it had this one stuck in my head in the midst of the first listen. This song is just so cool to me and different, Seattle natives Yungster Jack and David Shawty really tapped into something along with producer hoodwtch. “Pressure” is this cyber sounding, glitchy, rap song. The chopped up “Pressure” hook is dynamite and this is undeniably the type of song that has legs on Tik Tok but truly I could sit here an dendlessly bump this song myself too. Which is currently what I’m taking part in right now. Join me and hit play on the music video up above.

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