Jonah Hånom – City Girl (Music Video)

Got a special exclusive find for you guys today, from the most unexpected place. Jonah Hånom is an artist out of Guam, an island that’s actually a territory of the United States but is nestled in the west pacific ocean. Now that your geography lesson is over, let’s dive into the music, his lone song out in the world called “City Girl”. It’s a gorgeous little pop song, led by some soothing guitar phrases to lead us in. The 5-minute number grows with time, and we progressively get to see just how damn talented this kid is. His flow is uncanny, he floats on this song and that’s got to be a testament to just how good of a songwriter he is. It’s tough to make assumptions about artists just off one song but I’m addicted to this one. He’s got the whole package on this amazing song and hopefully this is just the beginning of something special. A kid from Guam with talent like this ought to have quite the story to tell and I think the world would love to hear it. Take a peek at the Charles Terbio directed music video for the song up above, which will give you a better peak into just who Jonah Hånom is!

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