RMR – Rascal (Music Video)

The Internet moves too damn quick and in 24 hours i’m far from the first person to find RMR but let me preface this by saying, you’re not prepared for what you’re about to witness. Country/rap crossovers aren’t anything new at this point, “Old Town Road” was the biggest song to happen in years and we’ve had artists like Young Thug and lil tracy toying with the sound and now there’s another artist Breland with a rising viral crossover called “My Truck”.

Today we present to you what’s sure to be the next viral moment in country meets rap crossovers, except this isn’t even rap, at all. RMR made this look like a stereotypical rap video, he’s got a ski mask on, people with guns behind him, a common aesthetic, but what’s different is this man is belting out a country tune. It’s a cover of the Rascal Flatts song “Bless The Broken Road”, but with lyric substitutions to subject matter that more so fits the aesthetic of the music video. But the most compelling thing about this all is that this man has pipes. You’re going to be quiet surprised by just how well RMR executes on this and shows that he’s truly got a voice. This is definitely going to keep rising and going viral but I’m super intrigued to hear more.

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