Tuesday, January 25, 2022

JADN – Comatose

On today’s episode of my song is blowing up because of Tik Tok, we have JADN, an artist who originally is a big Tik Tokker. Thanks to some help from Famous Birthdays, i’m happy to inform you all that he’s a member of sway house, a social influencer group that I wasn’t aware of and surely neither are you if you’re older than 18. But he’s transitioning from pretty boy tik tok dancer to full pop emo/alternative artist. “Comatose” is his first official song on DSPs, it’s off to a hot start with over a million plays on Spotify alone in under a week and guess what, it’s honestly pretty good. It feels like a mix of what poppy emo bands from the 00s were doing and what a lot of the melodic emo rap artists are doing currently.

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