Credit Cards & Broken Hearts

This has been, so far, just about the wildest week in my lifetime, right next to when 9/11 happened, but I was so young that it didn’t even all make sense to me at the time. Regardless, this is just shifting how most everyone’s life is going to be operated in the immediate future and it’s making our dependence on the Internet greater than ever before. Thus, tune the fuck in and get a load of this music we got to show you.

One of my favorite songs this week comes out of Montreal, from a newcomer named Miko with this undeniable song “Credit Cards & Broken Hearts” that is just an in rotation playlist shoe-in. He has a beautifully textured voice that glides across the gorgeous song. It’s capped off with a stellar hook too, an all around bop on all accounts. Add this to all the playlists ASAP.

Produced By

Miko, Yuki Dreams Again & Connor Seidel

Release Date

February 19, 2020


Montreal, Canada

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