Hollow Sinatra – YARD (Music Video)

Firstly, shouts to Jack Gregory for spotting this and posting on Lyrical Lemonade because this is now my new favorite thing of this week without a doubt. Atlanta’s basically always been a hotbed in hip hop and they are once again helping shift the sound. Add Hollow Sinatra to this list because this kid is creating some waves like nobody else. His new song “YARD” is punk meets rap, a subsection that as a white kid, I feel like i’m predestined to like (the Chappelle’s Show skit with John Mayer is circling around my head right now). But truthfully the schizophrenic, off the well energy is just so endearing and it’s done so nicely. It’s not overly experimental but still very different and Hollow has a really good voice and amazing melodic moments pop out on this one and just tell me that there can be so much more intriguing, amazing music to come from this kid. Definitely a new favorite of ours off rip and I haven’t even touched on the equally frenetic William Alan Harris video that all the more grips the viewer into this gorgeously, punk inspired effort. Go ahead and peep that up above.

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