Sophie – Cabin Fever (EP Stream)

Yesterday I posted Q and boasted about a new favorite artist of ours. If you like Q then you’re definitely going to love Sophie as well, who’s a close friend and collaborator of Q’s. She just dropped her debut three-track EP Cabin Fever, which feels like a pretty appropriate title during this quarantine. Her aura’s still a little mysterious, her look is organic and so is the music.

As soon at the play button is hit on the first song “fall” we’re greeted with a funky bass line, a captivating loop that truly sets the tone. These three songs just feel so tangible and real, there’s not a whole lot of production or overpolishing, no pitch correction or auto tune, just some organically good tunes from a phenomenal new artist with a lush, soulful voice. Dig into the little pack of tunes below.