We’ve been enamored by GAFF ever since his music came this way. The Irish lad is still producing all his music himself, handling everything in house, and getting significantly better at it all in the process. The newest testament of that is his brand new song “ALL DAY”, a song that’s specifically about his work ethic. It’s a nice little bop about his grind and his aspirations, a song that begins with the grind and ends with the wishful thinking that this will all pay off for him as the beat switches and he starts crooning about those dreams of his.

GAFF has such a beautifully distinct vocal tone, it reminds me of corbin (fka spooky black) but his music is vastly different. It’s the kind of music you really can’t put a genre stamp on. It’s probably most firmly rooted in hip hop but the influences range from all over and this beautiful amalgamation of an artist has only just begun. Take a listen to the new tune below.

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