Elijah Dax – someone needs you

Firstly, let me paint a picture of how i’m seeing this song. Elijah Dax has got you and a few other people bunched around a fire with nature surrounding the setting and of course it’s a small enough of a group that it’s not breaking quarantine rules. Elijah’s the kid riffing on guitar but out of nowhere he turns just the fun singing tunes into something really deep. It’s late in the night, he set up his amp and got the electric guitar and now Elijah’s pouring his soul out and we’re all gripped in.

That’s what this one feels like because from the moment Elijah’s voice cuts through, my ears are locked in and catching every word he’s crooning. The Chattanooga native’s mightily impressive and this pretty minimal song is still pretty damn astounding. He has a captivating voice without a doubt and it’s not always an easy thing to make good records with a powerful voice, but “someone needs you” is proof to me that he’s got something to say, and a good style of doing it. Most definitely give this a listen and get familiar with Elijah!

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