Henny Seear – ☆ ROCKSTAR ☆

It doesn’t always click right away with all artists. I remember first hearing Henny Seear a few months ago and maybe it was just me getting into the wrong song or not getting it right away but it didn’t really stick with me. But over the last week or two, the UK artist has curled himself into my eardrums comfortably and I can’t stop listening. His sound reminds me of ppgcasper and a lot of the emo-leaning, but also R&B flavored acts but Henny Sear just feels more warm than most. I’ve come to really love his voice and to be quite frank, it reminds me of Lil Peep‘s voice in some regards but softer and less aggressive. Truly he has a great voice too and its’ got such a plush pocket on this ear comforting song “☆ ROCKSTAR ☆”. Go ahead and take a listen below.

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