Wesley Joseph – Imaginary Friends

Being locked inside has obviously given me a lot more time to peruse avenues of music discovery I don’t always get to strut down. I think I stumbled upon Wesley Joseph‘s music on a random playlist but once I heard this beat I had a good feeling I was going to love the first official song from the London based rapper. The beat is dark but melodic, it feels like something a proficient rapper like JID or Joey Bada$$ would skate on but so does Wesley Joseph. He’s surely got a sharp British accent but as he says on the song Wesley’s surely been killing these melodies and flows. The man’s flowing like a river and even when there’s rocks or obstacles in his way, the flow stays perfectly on point.

I’m really excited to get more from Wesley because his sound is intriguing and most certainly dynamic just from this one song that I can’t get off replay. Take a listen to “Imaginary Friends” below.

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