Roman Rouge – Need A Friend

I remember stumbling upon Roman Rouge‘s music last year, hearing his song “Nobody” and running to open up WordPress and pen some words about what I just found. Thanks to a dispute with a co-writer of that initial song it got taken down from streaming and it never really made its impact. It even allowed Roman’s name to slide away from the front of my brain, until one random day I ended up back on his Soundcloud and he had this new song “Need A Friend” on there. A demo version, that was a stripped down version of what you hear here today but I was especially floored by this one.

Roman’s a pop-leaning artist but this was the most soulful thing I’d heard from him and it really clicked with me. It’s a song that really lets the talent and gorgeous tone of his voice get its flowers. He just officially released the final version of the song to streaming this week and of course it’s been leveled up. One of our favorite young voices has a song that everyone that trusts my opinion when it comes to music needs to pay attention to. This one’s gorgeous. Take a listen below.

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