Noah Cunane

Noah Cunane is a popstar of tomorrow, or maybe today, as dictated by the pure strength of his brand new single “Miami”. The Pennsylvania born, LA living singer recently inked a deal with 300 Entertainment, so now its time for him to show what he’s really got now that the machine had his back and “Miami” is quite the way to kick it off. It’s a song about a missed connection, but instead of going to Craigslist, Noah wrote a song about it, about a girl he met one night in Miami, a special one that slipped away for the time being. The song’s bolstered with a video, that truly captures the moment and how it all slipped away, which is better yet told with a tune of catchy proportions. It’s a song that’s definitely pop, but Noah delivers it with such a unique flow that really is going to have it sticking out amongst the thick of the genre. Peep that music video up above and murder that play button.

Produced By

Omer Fedi & Neek

Release Date

April 17, 2020


Westchester, PA

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