Carla Wehbe – Don’t Tell Us (Music Video)

I don’t know if it’s the vegemite or what but the Australians consistently pump out amazing talent into the music space and the latest to cross my ears is Carla Wehbe. The Sydney native’s had me hooked over the last couple days, with a song that’s honestly very straightforwardly pop, which isn’t always the easiest sell, so let me tell you that this song is extraordinary. Carl Ryden and Paul Harris who helped produce and write this record knocked this out of the park. The beat has Kavinsky-type, dark feel to it, it’s these beautiful electronic elements that along with some of the mixing of Carla’s vocals that make this record feel nostalgic at points that make me love this record. The hook is the song’s most poppy moment but truthfully everything else happening in the song lines it up for that powerful hook so beautifully. Check that out along with the music video up above.

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