Ben Chandler – Sweet Dreams, Sweet Heart (EP Stream)

Ever since finding Ben Chandler‘s music back in 2018, when the Naples scene was really buzzing and this new kid Dominic Fike was all the talk of the industry, i’ve been hooked. It took Ben ’til late last year to really begin consistently dropping music, which was an absolute blessing to my life, with a couple personal yet relatable songs like “Out of My Head” and “Ghost” that have been in the rotation ever since they hit streaming.

But today is an extra special treat as the hidden gem just dropped his first project, an EP titled Sweet Dreams, Sweet Heart. To be honest I haven’t even gotten the full scope of the project because I was so excited to share the news that I had to type this up while I’m in the process of listening to it. Quite frankly, if you adore or simply just like Dominic Fike‘s music, Ben’s sound is up that same alley but with its own unique personality and a way different story and narrative. The humble music man packed seven brand new songs into this project, filled with infectious guitar riffs and sweet melodies from one of our favorite new artists around. I really hope the Spotify people see this, or any kind of curator in the music realm takes heed of this and gets a piece of this project on their playlists/platforms. Ben deserves to be way more than a hidden gem so take go ahead and join me by listening to the project below.

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