Sherwyn – My Mind (Music Video)

When I take a step back and really figure out why I like the things I like, I realize just how important style and delivery and uniqueness truly is to me. Even if it’s not always the greatest thing since sliced bread from the get go, that’s the only way it has the potential to be. Sherwyn‘s a polarizing new artist, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee and it truly took me a few listens to truly get what he’s doing here with his debut single “My Mind”. His voice is tough to put into words, it’s as far away from the box as possible but still really strikes some incredible notes. The beat is ultra funky and that obscure delivery just implants itself in my brand and certain phrases from the song, like the “going insaneeeee” line just really stick with me. And this new Rick Rubin co-signed voice has a lot of heat in store so stay on the lookout for his rise and peep “In My Mind” above.

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