Jaxx – Like This! (Music Video)

Arizona’s one of the hottest states in America in the physical sense and with this heat the music scene is pumping out. Jaxx is one of the new faces to pay attention to, an exciting new 19-year-old out of Chandler, that’s been making music for a couple years but is really beginning to hit his stride. Coming up with Tuxx, the latest signing to Internet Money, his music is in a similar vein but with his own distinct style. Jaxx‘s new song “Like This!” is here with some stunning Daniel Jordan K directed visuals, that properly show off the arid scenery Arizona’s best known for. Jaxx packs a hypnotic, auto-tune laced sound but it’s obvious that this kid really has a voice. There are some special musical moments in here that just leave me really excited to follow how his career’s going to take off because it most certainly will. Take a peek above.

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