Crisaunt – Supplier

At this point, we have to all accept that Tik Tok is the main source of influence on music right now but with every trend, it comes with the bad and it comes with the good as well. There’s a ton of songs blowing up on Tik Tok, from artists we won’t remember in two years, but there’s also kids using the platform that make good music and have been using that platform to grow an audience. The latter is where Crisaunt lies, a Raleigh, North Carolina native that used the platform before he really started showcasing his music to accumulate a fanbase, which also helped his song “Dreamgirl” be pretty damn popular. What’s exciting is he has a fanbase and his music was already good but it’s just just getting better and better and his newest cut “Supplier” may just be his best. The song packs this gorgeous beat with brooding synths and a lofty melody that make me want to plug this in on every playlist I have. There’s no doubt in my mind either than Crisaunt is going to keep getting better. He’s really got something so strap in for the ride and take a listen to “Supplier” below.

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