Dreya Mac

The UK is always pumping out talent, but there’s still a select few things that can truly break through the on a worldwide and this new face Dreya Mac is an artist that sounds like she could cut through anywhere. She began as a dancer and has appeared in numerous music videos and different things and especially has aligned herself with Stormzy, a cosign that will take her a long long way especially once she uses that assistance with her own music. “Skippin” is Dreya’s first official song, a banger in all regards as far as i’m concerned. It’s one of those songs that has me hanging on and repeating so many of the lyrics and is made so much stronger with just how fell she floats on the beat. She has this addicting melodic tone, so just the fact that she’s doing that with such a banger of a song is just oh so special to me. I’m really intrigued to hear more music and what’s to come because “Skippin” is sincerely one of my favorite songs of the last couple months. Peep that along with the music video up above.

Shouts to my homie Gene for hipping me to this.

Produced By

Kill Miami

Release Date

April 17, 2020


London, UK

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