Ramsey The Fourth – A Life in Color

Ramsey White, better known as Ramsey the Fourth, is one of many talented new generation artists from Charlotte, North Carolina. In my opinion, he’s probably the one of the most exciting. With many influences ranging from the likes of Kanye West to Bon Iver, it is no bold assumption to say that Ramsey likes playing with different genres. In his latest track, “A Life in Color,” he ventures into more of an Indie Rock/Lo-fi style. This track is the perfect summertime anthem for when you are going 80 on the highway with the windows down and your music blasting. It features a bright and cheerful instrumental with Ramsey’s neo-rock infused voice. The writing is another treat on here because it includes lyrics about a girl tearing his heart every which way (we have all been there, it’s okay). I am definitely excited to see what more is in store from this 18 year old Charlotte talent in the next few months.

Stream ‘A Life In Color’ below.

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