Donnoven – Life As A Simp (Music Video)

There’s music being created and released every single day with Tik Tok in mind, not only in the creation of it, but in the marketing for it. LA native Donnoven‘s new song “Life as a Simp” certainly fits under that umbrella, but in comparison to most of the rest of it, this is genuinely an amazing song. Donnoven is supremely talented and packs a great voice along with songwriting chops to die for, and he’s got a sense of humor. “Life as a Simp” is a song that fits into the viral “simp” term that’s been around for as long as I can remember, but has been given new life thanks to Tik Tok. Here he takes that term and turns it into a meme-able song, that is also just incredibly dope in its own right, without the humor. Carried by some catchy piano chords and silky smooth vocals, this is simply one of my favorite new songs that everyone reading this better listen to and run back at least a few times. Peep it along with the visuals above.

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