Boon – 16 (EP Stream)

Quite possibly my favorite feature on this week’s Fashionably Early playlist update was a track off this EP, from Nashville native Boon. My favorite stuff I usually can’t classify as one genre, and that’s definitely where Boon lies. It’s easy to compare him to Two Feet but this new face’s music is absurdly exciting in its own right. He’s producing everything himself, using his energetic, bass-heavy style, Boon merges electronic music with tough rock/bluesy guitar riffs throughout the project and layers angsty, yet sometimes poppy vocals over all that beautiful madness that’s going on in the backdrop. It’s amazing that with his first project, Boon has already crafted a signature sound for himself and I’m so geeked to follow where he goes from here because there’s no doubt that such a talent is only going to keep getting better. Go ahead and peep the project below.

boon · 16

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