Nayana Iz – TNT (Music Video)

Slowly falling back into the swing of things as it didn’t even feel right to cloud the timeline and feeds with music content but music is always here to uplift so it’s time to start sharing some inspirational on the rise artists once again. Nayana Iz, an Indian born, North London raised new face that should be on everyone’s radar, the world over. She’s going to get obvious M.I.A. comparisons, but aside from this one, I’m not going to mention it again. Nayana is a fiery 19-year-old that really sharpened her pen first as a talented rapper but is really transferring that and is making beautiful songs in general. Her latest “TNT” is truly stunning. This hook is amazing and real. The song kicks off with that potent hook and really sucks me into her world. Giving the listener some really vivid lyrical content in the realm of this catchy, yet boastful song. Expounded by these wondrous, in quarantine filmed visuals from Ethan Barrett and Tom Gullum, this is undoubtedly one of my favorite new things i’ve stumbled upon in quite a bit. Nayana just feels like a star, she feels like an artist that so many people will gravitate to once they hear the music and see her so lets all do our part in spreading that word. Peep those visuals and the song up above.