Houston Kendrick – American Spirit Blues

It’s not too often I find an artist I was completely unaware of from Spotify’s New Music Friday but this past Friday blessed me and everyone listening to the playlist enough to find this one. Because last Friday’s update exclusively featured black artists, they dug deeper and included some more lesser known artists and Houston especially really blew me away. This is a kid that’s been making music for years but he’s clearly gotten substantially better over the years and “American Spirit Blues” truly can and should be the beginning of something really special for the Alabama native.

Immediately, “American Spirit Blues” gave me hints of Frank Ocean and Jay Wile, he has a similarly styled voice and quite a bit of southern soul. But also as the title insinuates, this one feels heartfelt and bluesy. As much as America is branded as the land of the free, Kendrick tells things from his perspective, as a man of the LGBTQ community as well as being black in this land of the free. Everything that glitters isn’t always gold but this song truly is. Kendrick’s voice is mesmerizing and the complexities of it have me absolutely addicted to this song. Please please please don’t sleep and take a listen to this masterpiece below.