Brevin Kim – i need water x he doesn’t love her

It’s funny because Brevin Kim, the duo out of Massachusetts, have quietly been a big influence in the rise of so-called Hyperpop, a sub-genre of music that’s essentially an experimental take on pop music; generally things tend to take an electronic turn. Brevin Kim has been perfecting their melting pot sound, a sound that definitely finds its best home in the hyperpop world. The brotherly duo likes dropping singles in groups of two and the latest pack is this double punch of songs “i need water” and “he doesn’t love her”. “i need water” is my personal favorite of the two and the more upbeat song as well. “he doesn’t love her” takes the tempo down and smooths things out from the prior tracks but it’s the madness that can come from a Brevin Kim track that I truly love. Go ahead and peep that below.

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