thrills – ROSHAMBO (Music Video)

The rap landscape is a lot more diverse than in its beginnings, thanks to the Internet. As much as New York, LA, Atlanta and other big cities are still the biggest hotbeds, artists from all over have a much more level playing field, and especially since quarantine has now been life for quite a bit, location is less important than ever when it comes to breaking out. But when a rapper with a real sharp pen, comes out of South Central LA, I’m paying attention, because there’s always stories to be told from a rapper that’s emerged from the area. thrills is that, as he emerges over this glitchy beat on “ROSHAMBO”. thrills treats this track like a notepad, scribbling down a lot of thoughts while also giving us perspective into who he is. Not to mention, this one’s beautifully produced and the energy that comes around with time on this one is really what has me so excited. This guy knows how to make songs already, and he just happens to be really good at rapping. Take a peek and the Inglewood native’s new single and music video up above.

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