Avery Lynch – I Put You First (& You Did Too)

I don’t know if I’ll ever get fully accustomed to how to damn important and influential Tik Tok is to the music industry, but I have adapted and learned the kid’s favorite new toy. Recently Avery Lynch popped up, actually on my girlfriends feed and grabbed my attention. It was a different cover of hers I found so when I went to Spotify to hit play, I was truly blown away by how good this song was, in literally all aspects. The production, the writing, her voice, etc. was all stellar, which I wasn’t expecting at all to be quite honest because most of the singers from Tik Tok have trouble really putting together great songs. Not Avery however, this 21-year-old Berklee student’s got something, and especially with this song “I Put You First (& You Did Too)”, which is about a boy that left her.

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