Hatesonny – GOLDEN CHILD (Album Stream)

It feels like every few years, there is a cluster of massive artists coming out of Chicago that really do damage on the charts. The city is always filled with talented artists that have their own edge even if they aren’t ready for the mainstream stage. Hatesonny feels like an artist that is putting things together to get a real run started that will take things far from the city. He’s been releasing music for about two years and he’s firmly imprinted himself within the underground rap scene with his dark, gritty sound. On his new project GOLDEN CHILD, there’s hints of those sonics but Sonny is expanding into more funky, alternative hip-hop soundscapes which show a ton of promise.

One of the project’s singles ‘Go Where I Go’ featuring Vince Ash is an absolutely ridiculous sample-based bangers. Two other standouts – ‘MOVE 2’ featuring Serena Isioma and ‘Moonchild’ – are absolute gems. The latter is truly one of those songs that you can’t take off repeat. Sonny is just providing a combination of sounds that you really can’t find anywhere else in the industry. Keep an eye on the kid and keep GOLDEN CHILD on repeat.

Stream GOLDEN CHILD below.

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