Jack Kays
Morbid Mind

Two weeks ago I added Cincinnati native Jack Kays to our Fashionably Early playlist, and it was this video to “Morbid Mind” that caught my attention, even though I went with a different song for the playlist add. In those two weeks, Jack saw a clip he posted on Tik Tok of the music video, hit that Tik Tok algorithm and start connecting, leading to a big influx of listeners to this one. As the numbers shot up, Jack wisely took down basically all of his other songs, so the new fans could focus on the just the best of the bunch.

The kid’s undoubtedly talented and packs this interesting alternative sound, that sounds very today, with hints of emo rap all over it. The genres have intersected a lot over the last few years and Jack Kays is certainly starting to position himself as one of the exciting names out of that lane. Go ahead and watch that stellar video for “Morbid Mind”, directed by John Buchanan up above.

Produced By

Jack Kays

Release Date

July 8, 2020


Cincinnati, OH

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