SONNY NITEZ has easily been one of my favorite adds from last week’s Fashionably Early playlist update so I needed to get my fingers moving and type this one up. The Toledo, Ohio native isn’t reinventing the wheel, especially because the melodic rap songs over a guitar looped beat have kind’ve been beaten into the ground, so for it to really connect, it’s got to be of the most top notch quality. This song is indeed of that top notch quality. Sonny knows how to float on the beat with a purely effortless flow and throughout the song he’s hitting intriguing notes that leave an indelible mark on my brain. There’s quite a few random moments of the song that get stuck in my head just off the enunciation of that specific phrase. This kid’s definitely got some potential and this song has some potential to be at the top of your most-listened to personal playlist. So add this song and enjoy.

Produced By

Manmade & Travis Marsh

Release Date

April 18, 2020


Toledo, OH

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