Hadji Gaviota

Hadji Gaviota did something special with this one; right when you see that puppet hand about to get into something with Roku remote it’s evident. The River Jensen directed visuals are phenomenal as the crew takes us into a puppet world, an alternate reality where Hadji’s still indulging in his vices. This being for his brand new song “1-800-PUR-GTRY”, that packs one of the most potent hooks i’ve heard in a minute. It’s just something about the culmination of it all with the added horns, thanks to Dan Edinberg, who really produced the f*ck out of this song. This is an emphatic number that’s now permanently ingrained in my brain. Let puppet Hadji take over your brain and get this song stuck to it and hit play up above.

Produced By

Dan Edinberg

Release Date

July 29, 2020


Queens, NY

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