JELEEL! – Generation Z! (EP Stream)

I don’t like to come in here and sound like a YouTube commenter and say that everybody’s sleeping on this particular artist, but that’s kind’ve how I feel with JELEEL!. I mean, I too took too long to get to JELEEL!‘s new project Generation Z! that dropped at the top of the month but I’m glad I finally did.

By glancing at the picture up above i’m already envisioning JELEEL! as a personal trainer, or at least someone who’s at Muscle Beach in Venice Beach a couple times a week. So it’s literally picture perfect that all of this man’s music feels like a bump of pre-workout. The energy is unmatched and each song in here can be thrown perfectly into the mix of essentially any energetic, workout playlist. Or be like me and instead of getting a 3rd cup of coffee, I’m just bumping this project. Go ahead and join me and take a listen below.

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