Atlanta native DWN2EARTH has been around for a bit, he originally wowed us in early 2018 with his atmospheric sound on “I’m So Cold”, a song that’s been timeless for me, I can play it today and enjoy as much as I ever have. The Private Club Records artist has undoubtedly improved since then however, his tone is clearer, and he’s really become much more consistent with his cloudy sound. Which shows on his new album ATLANTIS, that flows from track one to twelve like a dream. Something about DWN2EARTH‘s tone and his sound in general just feels like a dream, his music feels like the soundtrack to some vivid dream, that I can’t quite extract the meaning out of, but enjoyed the one-of-a-kind euphoria of it regardless. I’m hooked on this new one and you should be too, go ahead and hit play below.

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