No Tourists – DUMBO (Music Video)

Thanks to a random DM, linking to a Fader article, I was able to find these guys, No Tourists out of Toronto. We’re never short of collectives, and I feel some real distinct flavor here. There’s been some different crews out of Toronto, none really being any bigger than Full Circle to my knowledge but Full Circle was more so a collective of artists that were more focused on their solo careers than being together as a group.

Now we’ve got these guys No Tourists that really make you feel the city, which is all I can ever ask as listener from another city that can’t relate the same way a listener from Toronto could. There’s a bunch of abstract and unique flows that fire through the speakers like some Prince Zuko shooting fireballs. “DUMBO” is a song that keeps you on your toes, with a bevy of different voices chiming into the equation but it all meshes together quite nicely.

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