Max Diaz – Mr. Manson

We update the Fashionably Early playlist each Tuesday, so this is typically my day where I really dive in deep to find undiscovered music. I was a little discouraged at how much trash was coming across my screen today until I hit play on Max Diaz, who truly uplifted me. The Houston kid has this endearing, organic sound, that’s far from polished but that’s what really gives him so much charm. Max’s style leans into a few different avenues of rock, as some songs are more beach rock, and then there’s tougher songs like this that are bit more punk and grungy. “Mr. Manson” is his newest one and it’s truly one of his best yet. It’s packed with amazing energy and underrated harmonies, that don’t jut out in front of you, mainly because of the limited mixing that really keeps the grungy tone safe.

This kid’s tunes and overall sound are cold, crisp and refreshing, even if that sounds like the tagline of a beer commercial. In the soundscape that is 2020, this needs to breakthrough and get into the ears of the Spotify curators and those with some power to bring this music into that realm. Let’s get the wave going and hit play below and maybe tell a friend or two.

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