4LGANG G5IVE – No Lackin (Music Video)

Let me say, I was sleeping on this man a bit, but we can all still be real earlier to the party on a rapper that off this song especially, has the potential to be insanely special, and that’s not hyperbole. 4LGANG G5IVE‘s a rapper out of Atlanta, he’s affiliated with Young Nudy and 21 Savage‘s 4L crew, which is just more reason as to why this dude has a limitless ceiling. But G5IVE really doesn’t sound like either of them, his sound lives more in the melodic rap world, among the likes of people like NBA Youngboy.

Truly however, there’s really no comparison to other artists needed, G5IVE has an off the wall flow that truly doesn’t sound quite like anyone else, or at least no one is doing it this well. He’s able to connect bars with such ease and he makes this beat his b*tch. I seriously can’t get over how hard this song is so I hope I can persuade some people to get ahead of the wave here. He’s got a project coming real soon that surely can shake some things up so start endlessly streaming this one until the time comes.