Uno Hype – Color Me

I literally remember listening to an Uno Hype song in probably 2013 off a random blog, I remember hearing him on Capital Steez’s mixtape, I remember this man’s name floating around during the blog era and it makes me damn near teary eyed to see that this insanely talented rapper never put the pen down, he’s still here in 2020 and he’s making the best music of his career and getting the proper recognition for it. He’s got a fiery flow and some real powerful words to pour onto the page with his new song “Color Me”. The Maryland native is helped out by a couple amazing producers in Kojo A. and Nicky Quinn making this one sound as clean as humanly possible. Uno takes his turn to vent and rap about the black experience on this one, and the noted energy and passion in the words he delivers just makes this track hit infinitely harder. I’m really excited to keep our eyes on Uno as the year progresses because we need to turn our eyes and ears to him if he’s dropping amazing music like this. Take a listen below.

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