ssgkobe – Sandlot

We’ve been massive ssgkobe for over a year now, it was a turning point for me when he dropped “Molly“, because that song was the defining point that made me realize that this kid could be an absolute star. Only 15 years-old at the time, that song really started to get the ball rolling on every label in existence reaching out to kobe, trying to get a piece of one of the most promising sounding up and comers. Wading those waters, he ended up partnering with Field Trip Recordings, an up and coming name out of LA with Mallory Merk as their only other artist. It places kobe in a good situation, without a major label commitment to take things at his pace and a chance to really nurture and develop his sound.

“Sandlot” is the newest single that he just dropped this week, a song packed with limitless replay value and some real interesting lyrical content from start to finish. Go ahead and give it a listen below.

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