reggie – Southside Fade (Music Video)

Let me first point out, that artists like reggie don’t just pop up everyday, this man is one of a kind. You’ll immediately catch that bit of a twang in reggie‘s voice and the unquestionable style he has with delivering words. It’s this soulful, melodic, rap style that is honestly most related to Andre 3000‘s if you slowed things down. While this is his first official song that you’ll easily come across on the Internet, the Houston native is far from a newbie to music, I mean you obviously don’t start this good. reggie‘s been at it for years, since the real blog era of rap, when the musical landscape was a bit different.

It’s what’s really helped crafted his sound into this mighty fine product that stands before you today, the hard work really paid off but his musical aspirations really got a push when reggie moved out to LA three years ago. But still Houston has never left him. LA may have influenced a lot of the lyrics to come, but Houston is the backbone of the music. He’s even signed to Houston label Stomp Down, that works with Maxo Kream, Fade Em All and more. Surely they played a big hand in this masterful rollout and rebrand and have got the industry and people alike talking.

The debut single “Southside Fade” is accompanied by a music video that injects some more Houston into this record as reggie and company are back in the city, and we’re witnessing the sights and sounds of what it feels like. Go ahead and peep that all below and stay tuned for more from him.

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