Stunna Gambino – Rivals (Music Video)

As much as drill really took New York by storm, there’s still the Badda TD‘s, Melvoni‘s and Stunna Gambino‘s keeping an exciting lane of up and coming melodic leaning rappers running well. I already feel late to this first Stunna Gambino moment, yet it feels like most if not all major and even minor outlets still have yet to catch wind of the Washington Heights bred rapper. Stunna’s been performing shows and making music for at least a couple of years now, nothing’s just happening over night but he really struck gold with his latest song “Rivals”. This is the type of night time, New York summer song. It rings off while leaving your tongue imitating the catchy cadences. This is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine, I absolutely can’t stop playing this one. And Stunna’s got some undeniable potential, peep the video to “Rivals” above.

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