warrenisyellow & chasu – I NEED U, IN THE SUMMERTIME (Music Video)

It’s New Music Friday, yet my first priority to make a post for today is for this song that’s been out for over a month. That’s because this song is better than assumedly just about everything that came out today, and this is an artist that I don’t feel has gotten his due or notoriety in this U.S. market as much as he deserves.

So for the proper introduction, this is warrenisyellow a rapper from Jakarta, Indonesia, but just like with someone like Rich Brian, the fluidity of English is almost undiscernible from that of an American rapper. Bluntly, I think warrenisyellow can be an absolute star, and I don’t throw that word around as often as most. This kid has such a captivating flow, with ever-changing deliveries beautifully weaved together on this song. Then we get to this hook and the song becomes a certified hit in my mind. warren is quite the singer and the melodies on this song are hypnotizing. Produced by his go-to guy chasu, these two have really struck gold with this song and their chemistry has absolutely reached new heights. Peep the song along with the visuals for this big chune above.

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