Samica – Call Me (EP Stream)

There’s this ever-growing space of singers that are growing a following online, mainly off of uploading cover videos, whether that be on Tik Tok, YouTube or wherever, and it’s proved, especially this year that kids and fans are gravitating towards that stuff more than almost everything else. Seeing this person right in front of them, demonstrating their talent is offering a lot more than just making an original song and distributing it to DSPS. And with performing covers, it provides fans an easier entryway to get into an artist when they’re performing their own take of a song they know and love.

Samica‘s been playing that game, growing her following all the while, perfecting her craft at creating and executing her own music, and her brand new EP Call Me is proof that the Bay Area native has got the juice in all regards. The 6 song EP beautifully packages her dreamy voice into some original tunes that have fire power, like with “Payday” which is an absolute bop. Now it’s time for you to go dig into this project yourself, which you can do below.

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