seungjin – Paw

seungjin‘s really been crushing the nostalgic alternative/indie R&B lane with each of his releases in 2020. This new one ‘Paw’ might be my favorite from him yet. The song goes through various vocal pitches and the instrumental just has so many intriguing elements that really grab you in here. The song also has meaning behind it, which I’ll let you read below before you press play.

“Back in 2014/2015, my parents owned a restaurant in Korea and our house was on the top floor. We lived in the countryside surrounded by farms and most people owned dogs that patrolled the area. We had a jindo. While I was overseas in college the place burnt down and my dog ran away to escape the fire. This song is about that period in my life and this photo is the only tangible memory i have left. This song is me trying to remember as i only forget with time.”

Stream ‘Paw’ below.

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