Fran Vasilić – Retrovizor (Album Stream)

Music is progressively getting more and more global and today we introduce to you another new artist that isn’t from America, but has music that can really captivate audiences on this side of the pond. Fran Vasilić is a college student from the Netherlands, who just put out his debut project Retrovizor last month and front and center is this man’s scintillating, soulful voice. The way he delivers his vocals and has a wonderful bravado gives me hints of Khalid if he was more indie. There’s just so much tone and texture in his voice and this project is damn good for a first step. It’s a real soulful affair throughout the 8-tracks.

Fran’s trajectory is aiming towards the sky, and he can thank Tik Tok for a big boost. He’s nearing 100k followers on the platform thanks to a bevy of different videos from covering Conan Grey to dueting a Charlie Puth singing trend. He’s been able to captivate masses in a short amount of time on there and contrary to many singers making gains on Tik Tok, Fran already has an astounding resume of his own music as you can see with this album. Head below to peep the project and also take a look at some of those viral tik tok videos down there too.


a lot of people liked this version so i decided to record it in higher quality (: x #duet with @charlieputh #music #songwriter #youstress #charliputh

♬ original sound – Charlie Puth


Reply to @dontknowmyname666666 here’s the audio my “heather” inspired rewrite of “eyes blue”, original #duet with @jhekhoos #music #lyrics

♬ original sound – Fran Vasilić

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