Elah Hale – sports

Earlier this year, Brooklyn native Elah Hale popped on the scene in a big way with her Room 206 EP, but she hasn’t been new to the entertainment industry, so things flowed naturally. Growing up in New York, she has access to all the potential the city holds and got her feet wet both as a model and as a playwright before becoming a fully-fledged artist of her own. She’s grown up around the arts and now at 21 years of age, her art has grown and developed like a beautiful flower that’s now bloomed. She just released a new tune today called “sports” that my ears have been ogling over. It feels like a dream that you never want to end with a bevy of synths and gorgeous textures that compliment Elah’s voice picturesquely. Take a listen to the song familiar and keep up with the budding star.

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