Kinneret – Run on the Water

I heard this song “Run on the Water” from Kinneret about a week ago and to be blunt, it didn’t click with my off the first listen, which is a typical thing with an artist that’s left of center and pushing the needle forward with such a new brand of music. Kinneret has been in LA taking music technology and music theory classes, which already helps explain how she came to this edgy, artsy sound of hers. She has a sound that fringes on hyperpop, but it still doesn’t sound quite like the bulk of it. “Run On The Water” is propelling by this woozy, deep electronic beat, but once Kinneret layers her vocals on top of it, there’s this beautiful cohesion. Her vocals are so damn catchy, the beat is so catchy that it’s got me whistling it while I walk around the house, this sound is purely enigmatic and memorable and i’m excited to see where she can continue to take this music.

Not to mention, she has an older song of hers “No Wind Resistance!”, from 2019 that is beginning to have a moment on Tik Tok. And in the way that a lot of super weird sounds and different glitchcore type of songs have been a part of Tik Tok trends, it makes perfect sense as to how her music can fit in that Tik Tok bubble and take off, which is happening as I type this. So go ahead and get familiar and peep “Run on the Water” below.

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