Laney Keyz – Colorful Shit f. Lil Yachty

Laney Keyz has been in my dms for over a month now and I apologize to myself and Laney for sleeping on him for as long as I did because this music is upper echelon. To offer some backstory, this man’s 23-years-old, out of Oakland, with some amazing crisp, melodic-driven rap music that fits right into the mold of what’s going on right now. He’s got making these songs down to a science now, with just three tracks to his catalog that are all quite amazing songs. He just put out this new one “Colorful Shit” this week with a big time feature from Lil Yachty so the time is truly now to get familiar because his trajectory is towards the moon and the stars. On this new one, Laney slides atop this guitar loop with the utmost ease and proficiency. His flow is captivating and smooth and he just simply knows how to write songs, which is such an understated talent to the public. But please do hit play on that embed below and you’ll immediately understand why I’m speaking so highly of this budding new artist that could very well start to be everywhere real soon.

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