Demonds and Monsters

Just in my a&r research bag a month or so ago, I somehow fell down a rabbithole that led me to 347aidan‘s music and already, this 17-year-old Canadian kid had some glimmering numbers for a new artist that wasn’t on my radar or been given any type of editorial support yet. So naturally, he was sitting on the Fashionably Early playlist for a few weeks. But in those last couple of months, things have continued to grow fast. And like literally every artist basically all year that’s blown up quickly, it was because of Tik Tok. 347aidan has attracted over 175k followers on the platform now and he’s really been absorbing the hype like a sponge.

347aidan‘s music falls in the emo-rap pocket more than anything else, he takes nodes from artists like Juice WRLD without a doubt and it shines through with the grit in aidan’s voice. This new song “Demons and Monsters” may just be my favorite of his already. It’s simple but poignant with some ruff acoustic guitar chords along with very minimal other features that really also put 347aidan’s emotion-filled voice sit front and center. Go ahead and get familiar and stream the new one below.

Produced By

​tennis player

Release Date

September 28, 2020


Ontario, Canada

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