Jeris Johnson – sticks + stones

This man Jeris Johnson is inspiring and I think should be for a lot of artists. Coming out of Eugene, Oregon, Jeris has been consistently making and releasing music for over 5 years now and through it he’s kept his head down and found ways to fit in and be better along the way. His sound has come from just being pop to now having some edge to it, he tapped into a new tone of his voice and found something that really works for him and also is connecting with people really well. In addition that, he’s to been tapped into Tik Tok and what’s going on in music right now period. He produced a couple songs for Peach recently, an artist that’s been on the rise and featured in our Fashionably Early plaulist and he’s just been keeping up with trends in the meantime. Which led to him recently taking a sound from Ricky Desktop, that had been making its viral laps around Tik Tok, recorded his own song over the viral beat and is turned it into a smash of his own called “damn!”. The song has now been a big trend on Tik Tok and it’s bringing people to Jeris’ other music, with more to come.

One such being this song “sticks + stones”, a tough song that exposes that alternative side of Jeris and shows off his pop rock prowess of creating some damn dynamic melodies on a truly gorgeous song. Go ahead and peep that below and get familiar with Jeris, we’re going to be a lot more about him in the coming months.

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