Porsh Bet$ – Handle

I don’t know if i’ve ever explicitly mentioned Level and their influence but it’s about damn time. The distribution service has really become a main source for even us finding new talent to showcase on Fash and that’s how I came across “Handle” from Porsh Bet$. He was a new highlighting release from the distribution company, and already Spotify picked him up on Varsity Bars and Lorem, for great damn reason. This Massachusetts native has got the juice, big juicebox vibes with plenty of fruity goodness to share with the world. “Handle” is his second official song and this one could really shoot up. It’s got these slick guitar chords that let Porsh show off that he’s got a damn good voice but before u get too comfortable with that cool calm aesthetic that the song starts off with, things take an energetic turn quick, turning this one into a certified banger. Just hit play, i’m not the greatest with words but this song jumps off the page.

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